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How to clone pokemons on pokemon or pearl

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How to clone pokemons on pokemon or pearl

Post  DEMADE on Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:32 am

Note:this works only for Pokemon D/P not for pokemon platinum.
please don't ask me if it works for pokemon platinum because it deosnt work for pokemon platinum!

more videos below:


1. Log on to the Nintendo WFC.
2. Select to deposit the Pokémon that you want to clone.
3. Choose a bogus deal for your wanted Pokémon, i.e. a level 100 Abra.
4. When the "Checking GTS Status" box comes up, pay attention to the little clock in the bottom right hand corner.
5. When the clock has gone around 6 to 8.5 times, shut your DS off. There is no surefire way of knowing when to turn it off; just keep trying until you succeed.
6. Turn your DS back on. A box will come up saying that your save file is corrupted. DON'T WORRY! This is completely normal.
7. Load up your game and log in to the WFC again. If you did this glitch right, your Pokémon will be both on your game and in the WFC!
8. Retrieve your Pokémon from the WFC. Voila! You now have two identical clones of your Pokémon!

little more information:
when your about to press yes for the offering wait till the clock on the bottom righht corner spins around 3 and a half times and then turn off .
I am not saying 3 or anything try all I gave you 4 videos wich is alot.

Happy Cloning!!!

Q: Does it work for X version of the game?
A: Yes, it works for every version.
Q: Can it mess up my game/delete my save?
A: No, it can't mess up your game/save.
Q: I lost my legendary/shiny! Gimme one for free!
A: No. Stop whining.
Q: Does this work for Pokémon in your party?
A: Yes, you can clone any Pokémon from your party/boxes.
Q: Can you clone my (insert Pokémon name here)?
A: No, I won't. Anyways, you shouldn't trust people online with your Pokémon.
Q: Can you clone a Pokémon more than once?
A: Yes, you can do it as many times as you want.
Q: It doesn't work!
A: Yes it does. You're doing it wrong.
Q: If a Pokémon is holding an item, will it clone the item?
A: Yes, it also clones the item.
Q: Stop cheating!
A: Glitching is not cheating. Shut up.
Q: I can't clone anymore!
A: Yes, you can. You're just doing it wrong. Stop complaining and try harder.
Q: Can't you clone a lot more easily with an AR?
A: Yes, but that's cheating, and cheating is bad.
Q: How can I trust you?
A: You can't. Know that even though I think there is no harm in doing this glitch, there could still bea risk, so don't question my credibility, because I don't care what you think about me.
Q: Nintendo fixed the GTS to disallow cloning.
A: No, they didn't. It isn't a problem with the GTS, but with you or your game, because this glitch is based on the game, not on the internet.
Q: I don't have a wireless connection, so I can't do this glitch!
A: Why should I care?

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Re: How to clone pokemons on pokemon or pearl

Post  Link85 on Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:20 pm

XD nice vif Im sure the members will be happy with that pig

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