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Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver Celebi event.

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Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver Celebi event.

Post  DEMADE on Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:48 am

Hello, pig

Today I get news for you about the celebi event,
in pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver we have A celebi event which lets you discover A big secret and A battle ,however to do this event you need A celebi with fateful encounter or you can wait till the movie 13 where celebi ho-oh and lugia will
make an appearnce and they will make A celebi event in Japan but this is not official the big secret is that the team rocket's boss Giovanii is the father of Silver ,
the celebi allows you to travel in time and see an old story between giovanni and his son , and after that you travel again in time to battle Giovanni,then return to the ilex forest ,you need to have A celebi with A fateful encounter flag then go to the shrine in ilex forest talk to the shrine then celebi will start to glow and makes you travel in time and then all the things I told you will happen , in the battle with Giovanni he will use A team of 4 Pokemons and the pokemons are in the following sentence,

Giovanni's team:
1)NIDOKING level:42
2)HONCHKROW level 43
3)NIDOQUEEN level 46
4)KANGASKHAN level 40
Note:they will not come in an order they will come randomly.

As usual I bring for you a game play to help you so here it is,

Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver versions japanese celebi event Gameplay


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